And We’re (Almost) Back!

April 1, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Site Announcements

posapoc_sign_logo_tallI started back in 2011 and quickly got up to around 150 members.  The problem was that maintaining the site was a completely manual process and as real life ate into the time I could devote to the site, I let it languish a bit.

Now we’re back with a completely redesigned look, and some new features that should make it easier to just let the site keep going on its own.

Here are some highlights of the changes and new features, in no particular order:

  • Members no longer need to agree to display the member logo to be listed on the site.  Display of the logo on member sites is encouraged, but not necessary.
  • Anyone can submit a listing to appear on  It could be a site of your own, or it could just be a site you think is cool and want to have added to the listings
    • Of course, all listings must be for sites with primarliy post-apocalyptic content
    • All listings go through an approval process before going live
    • The basic listing is free
    • There may be some paid options in the future for enhanced or featured listings, but those are just vague ideas right now.  The basic idea is that should have links to as many post-apocalyptic sites as possible.
  • If you stumble across your own site already listed here, you can claim the listing.
    • I’m still working on the details of how the process is supposed to work, so stay tuned for more information on this part
  • Blog Posts – In addition to the directory listings of sites, registered users will also be able to submit posts to the site blog.  As long as the content is related to the post-apocalyptic genre, users can submit new articles, or even copy over posts they’ve also created on their own sites.
    • I’m also still working on the details of this process.  The idea is that all posts will also go through an approval process.

So there you have it. V2 will have even more content than the old site, with a more robust directory of sites, and also articles related to the genre as well.  I’ll be sending out an email to all current members once we get closer to having everything set up.

I think it’s going to come out pretty good.  Laws, yes!