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May 7, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Audio

I started this blog, called Doomorama back then, in October of 2005.  One of my inspirations for starting a post-apocalyptic blog was a new podcast that had started just a few months before, covering most of the same topics that I was interested in, called Destructomundo.

Hosted by James, Derek, Ted and later Adam, Destructomundo ran for 32 episodes over the next two and a half years.  They discussed a variety of end of the world topics ranging from the traditional like nuclear war, the zombie apocalypse, and alien invasion to some more obscure ways civilization might end like supernatural evil, super villains, and the Antichrist.

Every episode was chock full of pop-culture references, mostly due to Derek’s encyclopedic knowledge of classic b-movie sci-fi and horror films.  The dynamic between the hosts was great, and they always had me laughing right from the start.

I wanted to find a way to be sure that they’d survive to be found by a new generation of post-apocalyptic fans, so, I downloaded all 32 episodes, renamed and retagged them, and then uploaded them to

This way, no matter what happens to the other sources, whether by Google or word of mouth, future fans of the post-apocalyptic genre will be able to partake of what I believe to be the grandaddy of all PA podcasts, and hopefully, they’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

ps  In addition to the 32 numbered episodes, I also uploaded the extremely rare Episode Zero, which didn’t discuss a particular topic, unless you want to count a meandering discussion of the benefits of various types of 9mm ammo loads.  It’s worth a listen, but don’t listen to it first, and don’t base your opinion of the entire run on that first episode.  In other words, don’t judge a podcast by it’s zero episode.