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Algarothsyum is an atmospheric black/death metal solo project, based on a post-apocalyptic survival story line. The project currently has a 5-track demo (released May 2011) available for download at the pages listed below. The sole member, Vhyle, is currently recording the first full length album. The album will start the saga of the protagonist’s survival in a post-apocalyptic wasteland setting. Fans of any form of extreme metal, and the post-apocalyptic genre, should highly enjoy Algarothsyum’s music.

The project currently has several active web pages – Facebook, ReverbNation, Intonation, Twitter, and Google+ (new). Facebook and ReverbNation are the most active, most frequently updated pages.

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  • Chad

    I just happened to stumble onto this page and checked out the album. I am not a professional critic, but I do enjoy listening to music. My overall “grade” for this is a A-/B+. I took off for not having vocals; I know, it’s an instrumental. Unfortunately, I can only stand so much “instrumental”; I need vocals (and not that “over the top” screemo crap, think All That Remains style). Since it is an instrumental, I decided to grade on the music that was put before me. It was FANTASTIC!! As a fan of ProgRock and ProgMetal, I am thoroughly impressed. Production seemed a little “off”, but for a debut album you did a good job.
    The end result for me: I will eventually buy the album. More than that, I will recommend others buy it.

    You should be extremely proud of this album.