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A Post Apocalyptic Novel by Burt Walker

A Fascinating New Twist in the Post Apocalyptic Genre

“If you’re looking for a post apocalyptic novel with a collapse caused by something other than an EMP, a pandemic, an economic disaster, or cyber hacking, this is it. And it could be boiling up right before your eyes, right now.” — Bobby M.

“Can’t believe it’s a first effort! Very suspenseful! The thought that something so ‘every day’ and beloved could cause such chaos is chilling. I was actually frightened by the possibilities raised here and can see how something trivial can be twisted or corrupted to wreak havoc! Good job! Fiction or prediction of a possible future scenario? Scared me to think about it.” — Laura L.

“I read a lot of books, mostly sci-fi or adventure. This is the best book I have read in a long time. The story is creative, original, and the more I hear about people in this world, the more I can see that it is possible and maybe probable and making me think strongly about stockpiling. The book was well written and leaving you wanting more. I will certainly read the next volume in this (hopefully) series. I give it 5 stars.” — Illiad5


The twisted world of mainstream news and social media becomes the catalyst for social upheaval, entangling libertarian Steven Bryant in a frantic fight for the lives of his family and friends. A news story goes viral, causing their once normal lives to take a dangerous turn when a flawed medical research study suggesting man’s best friend might be his worst enemy.

Chaos erupts and a near total collapse of society looms in a perfect storm of government corruption, political correctness, and social justice movements. Steven unwittingly finds himself the leader of a struggle for survival as America’s civil structure and social fabric is exposed as a house of cards. Sworn enemies become allies when faced with a common cause and friends and family members become bitter enemies as they confront hunger and widespread violence in a threat to their very survival.

Life will never be the same.

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