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Crushpop Productions

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crushpop_smCrushpop Productions is an independent game company that produces tabletop wargames rules; our flagship game, is Toxic Holocaust 2: An Overdose of Death, a post apocalyptic miniatures game set on the world of GRAXX.

Toxic Holocaust 2’s factions include the Thermonuclear Warriors (bio-genetically enhanced humans), the Skravers (hulking rats), the Wasteland Warriors (human survivors), the Reptors (giant humanoid reptilians), the Unholy Crux (vampires) and the Omega Corporation (robots). TH2 is based on retro 80’s music, Thrash Metal and Post Apocalyptic films of the 80’s (some of the game’s expendables represent this, like Edith Johnson, Stryker and Yor: Hunter from the Future). In TH2, every single unit in a gang is created entirely from scratch; you pick it’s base rank, weapons, traits, mutations and anything else. You can also choose bosses which represent the factions in TH2 and/or expendables (mercenaries).

Crushpop Productions also produces Power Thrashing Death, our Living Card Game set in the world of GRAXX; we also offer games in both Dark Fantasy and Historical settings.

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