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Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em

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In the smouldering devastation of post nuclear bomb-blasted Melbourne, a periscope protruding from a pile of rubble leads three desperate scavengers to a subterranean fall-out shelter. They muscle their way in, only to discover a raging party in a converted wine cellar, celebrating the Big Meltdown. There’s a band, booze, sex, drugs and a horde of sweat-soaked revelers partying like there is no tomorrow… which for these poor radiation-drenched end-of-the-worlders there isn’t. What choice do the scroungers have but to join in?

SMOKE ‘EM IF YOU GOT ‘EM is a long lost post-apocalyptic classic – a nuke and puke masterpiece for the post-punk crowd – set slap bang in the middle of Melbourne’s 80’s underground music scene.

Starring Nique Needles (DOGS IN SPACE), Clayton Jacobson (KENNY), Rob Howard, Fred Dugina, Danny Lillford (TRAILER PARK BOYS) and featuring the music of BLUE RUIN, the film is a satirical look at the last days of mankind.

This slipcased ‘BONG AND BANG COCKTAIL’ edition of the film features all-new cover art by South American artist Juarez Ricci, a host of DVD extras including interviews with writer/director Ray Boseley and Blue Ruin musos Quincy McLean and Mulaim Vela, an audio commentary with make-up effects artist and cast member Clayton Jacobson (Director of KENNY) and Ray Boseley, a featurette on Ray Boseley’s notorious student film TARZAN’S SOUTH YARRA ADVENTURE, a booklet featuring new writing on the film by Ozploitation expert, filmmaker and SMOKE EM extra Mark Hartley, an intro by Trasharama Festival Director Dick Dale, an Australian post-Apocalytpic film checklist, full cast and crew details, original newspaper articles, film programs, and zine reviews, plus a whole bunch more.

If you’re into Australian underground cinema, this baby is for you!

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