The Post Apocalypse

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The Post Apocalypse is the story, told in installments, about how the apocalypse went wrong. The whole of the planet blacked out for what seemed like a moment and ninety five percent of the population woke up as mutants. Needless to say the majority of the remaining humans did not last too long after that. All of this is a minor detail to one woman who is looking for two things before they become inaccessible. She has a sidekick in a boy with the ears and the trunk of an elephant who would not mind a bit of her two treasured things. They come across another woman, with a mutation unlike any other, who wants nothing to do with all the madness from the apocalypse but gets caught up in it anyway, and a man who was mutated to look like Bela Lugosi dressed as a Dracula vampire. He is chasing after a different breed of zombies than the regular brain eating type. The four of them have adventures together and apart in dealing with the different creatures the come across, ranging from a group of people who look like Bob Denver dressed as Gilligan who turn out be rather helpful to overly strong mutants dressed in nothing but speedos that take out any one they run across, among many other types of mutants.

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  • David Bruno

    This is the greatest work on The Post Apocalypse since Fallout. Witty, dark, and captivating.

    • Kyle Johnson

      You forgot to mention that it is laugh out loud funny ^ but yes I agree.

  • Kyle Johnson

    Enjoyed the first 2 issues — actually can’t stop reading this stuff its hilarious. Must say it definitely keeps you on edge. Interesting take on The Post Apocalypse.