WASTE - Beta 2.0 Event - May 22, 2016 Michigan

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Come out for a day of action, adventure and Fun at WASTE – Post-Apocalyptic Airsoft LARP Beta 2.0 Event.

This event is our second beta event, Prelude to our main events to help introduce new players to L.A.R.P.(live action role play) and others to airsoft. The day will be a meet & greet, rule review and testing, Safety overview. Plus battles and skirmishes throughout the day.

WASTEis a Fallout/survival style LARP that uses airsoft guns and foam weapons. Based out of West Michigan. It is a free form player driven LARP where the game is driven based on the players actions. Making allies and enemies, doing trade among players, joining or creating factions etc…
Ages 13+ (players under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the event waiver)

Admission fee: $10.00 per person

Kit included with Fee
10 Bottle caps
200rds of Bio BB’s

10:00am-11:00: Check In (registration, waiver signing, weapons check, Rule Overview. (Player may check in after 11:00)
11:00: Game Start
6:00pm: Game End
6-6:30pm: Game Rap Up ( Player reports, Bottle cap & Loot tally, Clean up)

Any Gear is allowed but no full camouflage is allowed. Ghillie suit is acceptable. Players should try to look the part of an apocalypse survivor as much as possible.
Players may bring their own Medwrap (remember… this will become lootable and you may not get it back at the end of the game.)
*No outside Stimpak’s, **Bottle caps or **Ammo allowed.
**Player that bring Caps (20caps minimum) can donated them to the game bank will receive bonus starter caps.
**Players that bring ammo (1000bb minimum Bio BB’s ONLY) to donate them to the game armory. Players will receive double starting rounds.
**Player that wants to bring their preferred Bio-BB weight and brand must turn them in to the staff for approval before the game. They will be labeled and placed in the armory and available for that player only to purchase in game.

The impossible finally happened, World War 3 broke out and lasting 10 years due to no cooperation between the worlds factions. No one remembers who started the war or why, but now more than a 100 years have passed and all that remains of society are small pockets of civilization, warring factions and the Waste. You are a traveler having heard of refuge somewhere in the northern region of Machingan (Michigan) but the area has been invaded by wasteland raiders and warring factions fighting over resources and now have a choice. Choose a side or survive on your own.

Basic Rules:
HIT CALLING: – When hit the player is “wounded” or “Critically wounded”, a player must yell as loudly and clearly as possibly “HIT” – To visually signify a hit the player’s weapon and/or hands must be raised over their head.
Must call out “HIT” for all hits
***Players should not put themselves in a position in which headshots are necessary or encouraged. All players are encouraged to aim at center mass (center of the chest/back) If a Head shot occurs it should be treated as a “critical wound” Any player that is caught intentionally taking head shots will be ejected from the game and told to leave the grounds****
-A hit to any Limb: “wounded”… Player may keep moving up to 20 feet to cover before taking a knee, then may call medic or a Medwrap can be self-applied. Once Medwrap is secured player may move and return to active shooting. If Medwrap is unavailable player remains immobile but may use one arm to continue defending themselves and call medic for 2 minutes before injury moves into “critical wound “ status. Any additional limb hits while “wounded” takes the player into “critical wound “status.

-Hit to Torso/back: “critical wound”…take a knee or lay down. Player may call medic for Stimpak revival. Stimpak revival is not self-applied. Player applying the Stimpak must stay in contact with wounded player for 30 seconds in order for Stimpak to revive the player. If medic uses Stimpak player may remove injury wrap and reuse at later time as needed. If medic does not reach injured player by 60 seconds player has bled out and player pulls dead rag and returns to spawn.

If player bleeds out : Before heading to re-spawn and if the conditions are safe, the player may approach the enemy if not already approached by enemy and offer one of the following Loot items (enemy picks if options available)…
-5 caps
-Ammo pouch
-Random Loot (extra- water, snacks, etc…)

**In some cases a player may not be able to reach the enemy do to being pinned down by enemy fire, unknown locations of sniper shots or other dangers so the player has the option of dropping Loot..(see 7.a of Rule Set.)

Note: Players must have 5 caps or at least 1 loot item (ammo pouch, Medwrap, Stimpak) on them before returning to the wastes. Exception is if caps reach zero after bleed out payout.

Radiation/Toxic Zones: Areas in the game marked as Rad Zones can only be entered by players wearing a gas mask, respirator mask or an air filter looking type mask (full face masks will count as air filtering mask). Players that enter a Rad Zone without a mask will get radiation poisoning after 5 seconds and enter “Critical wound” status.

Bounty Board: Bounties will be posted routinely by the staff or faction leaders as a chance for players to earn caps. Players may notify staff of a posted bounty they wish to hunt down. Minimum reward for a bounty is 10 caps. Players will have a Bounty card given to them upon entry to carry on them for when they have a bounty placed on them in game. Any player with a bounty on their head and that has bled out treats card with priority when awarding players on bounty hunter missions.

Random Loot containers: There are red random loot containers of various size and shape hidden throughout the game area. *When you clam the loot from these containers you may leave the container in plain site or return it to a staff member so it can be refilled and replaced back in game.
Waste Market: Merchants have the goods you want and they want your caps. They also may have some jobs they need taken care of, Inquire Inside.
Merchants like Guss’s Gunz&Goodz and Bernie’s Salvage offer the following goods….
Item Price(Caps) Return Value (Caps)
Ammo(50) – 3 2
Ammo (100)- 5 3
Ammo (200) – 8 5
Ammo (500)- 20 12
MedWrap – 5 3
Stimpak – 10 6
1 Water- 2 1

There are NPC’s (non-player characters) in the waste…unique characters, wandering merchants, tribal raiders, mutants and ghouls that may roam around and have no allegiance to anyone. They carry their own items and are free to fight whomever they choose. They are under the control of the staff.

The following infractions will result in immediate removal from field property and a permanent ban from field property. Law enforcement will be used if required to remove problematic players.

– Theft of field or company property.
– Vandalism or destruction of property.
– Assault of participants, visitors, or staff.
– Repeated removal of eye protection.
– Unsportsmanlike like conduct
What to Bring:
– Full-Seal Eye Protection (ANSI 87.1 rating)[Required].
– Airsoft Replica, Sidearm, and Magazines. (Required).
– Red ‘Kill’ Rag (Required).
– Barrel Bag or Muzzle Plug (Required).
– Batteries,(Required) Charging Unit, ,Spare Batteries (Recommended).***a charging station may not be available so make sure your batteries are fully charged!)
– 3 Loot Items- Players are encouraged to bring at least 3 lootable items to the game. Bring items that you do not care if you get them back at the end of the game. Loot items can be things like…. extra hats, extra scarves, extra food and drinks or any other cool piece of loot. (Lootable Items should be items you may never get back and may be useful to a survivor in the waste. Loot may also be used as trade)
– Foam melee weapon*(optional)
– Medwrap – 3inx3ft white cloth bandage, (optional)
(Medwrap’s and StimPak’s will also be available in game from Merchants for bottle caps or trade)
– Drinks, snacks. (There will be food and drinks available in game for bottle caps and/or old world money $cash$)

– Live firearms (real steel) are not permitted on the property.
– Not responsible for items or belongings that are lost, stolen, or damaged.

Please read our Full Rules on safety requirements, FPS restrictions, rules of engagement, etc…. located at the WASTE- Post Apocalyptic Airsoft L.A.R.P. Facebook group page….www.facebook.com/groups/1578155339174159/

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