Mail Order Zombie – Post-Apocalyptic Summer 2011

July 10, 2011 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Podcasts

Yes, it IS possible to have a post-apocalypse without zombies, and this is the first of three monthly episodes of MOZ’s Post-Apocalyptic Summer 2011. Brother D reviews the movie Steel Dawn (dir. Lance Hool) and he’s joined by Miss Bren to talk about the movies The War Game (dir. Peter Watkins) and Panic in Year Zero! (dir. Ray Milland). We have a question for the PAQ, or Post-Apocalyptic Quiz, post-apocalyptic news, post-apocalyptic movie trailers . . . and the Feedback Discussion (and even the briefest of mentions of post-apocalyptic porn).

Listen below, or visit Mail Order Zombie.

Mail Order Zombie episode 166


It’s the end of the month, which means it’s time for the end of the world with another Post-Apocalyptic Summer episode on Mail Order Zombie! This time around, Brother D and Miss Bren take a look at The Postman (dir. Kevin Costner) and Damnation Alley (dir. Jack Smight), with an assist from MOZ Family Members Tracey and Scott, respectively. Not only do they tackle the movies, they also tackle the books upon which the films were based. Also, ‘dillo prepared a review of the film A Boy and His Dog (dir. L. Q. Jones) (which I say still has one of the best DVD cover art images ever – a smiley face in a mushroom cloud – GOLD!). Mixed into the episode is a bit of post-apocalyptic news, the Post-Apocalyptic Quiz, the Zombie Aptitude Test and a more-musical-than-normal Feedback Discussion.

Mail Order Zombie episode 168


Our final installment of our Post-Apocalyptic Summer series, Brother D, Miss Bren and Tracey spend some time On the Beach. Bren and Tracey read the Nevil Shute novel; D and Bren watched the 2000 Australian television mini-series (dir. Russell Mulcahy); all three watched the 1959 film (dir. Stanley Kramer). Also, Brother D reviews the answers from this PAS series’ Post-Apocalyptic Quiz, and Bren joins him for another serving of the Feedback Discussion.

Mail Order Zombie episode 170


Since 2008, Mail Order Zombie has covered zombie movies, zombie movie music, post-apocalyptic and zombie literature, zombie comics, zombie games, zombie operas, etc. Weekly, Brother D brings the reviews, and Miss Bren joins him for the weekly Feedback Discussion. Zombie news from around the world is covered in the Zombie Beat, and interviews with zombie media makers round out the show.