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April 15, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Site Announcements

I first started my personal blog back in 2005, which I’m pretty sure makes it the one of the oldest continually updated sites devoted to the post-apocalyptic genre.  Since then, it’s gone through many iterations and re-brandings.

It started out as, then became, and then to get away from the hard to spell URL.  A few years later, I spent way too much money to acquire the domain name, and have been using that as my blog title since then.

My interest in the post-apocalyptic genre remains as strong as ever, but over the last couple of years, real life has conspired to eat into the time I have to devote to writing reviews and other articles, so my posts there have been few and far between.  I started to feel like my site wasn’t worthy of the name

Of course there are many, many fantastic sites with great post-apocalyptic content that don’t have “post-apocalyptic” in their titles, but the one site at should be more than a slightly run-down personal blog.

So, I’ve decided to switch things up a bit, and I’m going to do my part to give back to the post-apocalyptic community so to speak by applying the URL to a site that serves the community as a whole,, now, is member-driven directory of websites, blogs, products and services featuring content related to the post-apocalyptic genre. It is a gateway to the best apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic content the web has to offer.

Its purpose is not to replace, or stand above, the other genre sites, but rather to create additional exposure and share traffic with the sites listed.  Most of those sites also link back, creating an interconnected web of genre content that serves to strengthen the community.  Rising tides, and floating boats, and all that.

So, it’s a site of the post-apocalyptic genre, made by content creators in the post-apocalyptic genre, for the fans of the post-apocalyptic genre.  What better website address than

From now on, when someone interested in the genre decides to type into their browser to see what’s there, they’ll find dozens, and maybe someday hundreds, of sites full of content devoted to the genre.  So whether you’re a creator of one of those genre websites, blogs, products or services, or if you’re just a fan looking for something to play, read or buy, will have something for you.