Public Domain Post-Apocalyptic Comics on

April 4, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Comics and Graphic Arts

I’ve been a fan of for a long time, and have used it to make sure shows like Destructomundo  and Through the Aftermath aren’t ever lost, and as a convenient place to collect media, like on the Post-Apocalytpic Audio Dramas page.

A tweet and a blog post gave me the idea for the next set of post-apocalyptic media to archive, a collection of public domain apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic comics.

I’ve only gathered a few so far, but they all look pretty cool.  When I go through them, I think I’ll start with Children of Doom myself, but you might want to start with Atomic Attack, or World War III, which also look good.

Apparently, since I put all of the issues into a single upload, there’s not a good way to see the list of individual files.  The only way I’ve figured out to do it so far is to hover over the reading links in the left sidebar, and have your browswer tell you what the underlying target file is.  But once you know which is which, you can read each of them separately, either online, or in a variety of downloadable formats.

You can check out the list so far at, and if you know of any that I haven’t come across yet, please let me know so I can update the collection.