The Peoria Plague

July 10, 2011 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Audio Dramas

Recorded in the early 1970’s by WUHN radio in Peoria, Illinois, The Peoria Plague is an audio dramatization of a zombie outbreak presented through a series of fictional news casts.

Very similar in style to War of the Worlds, The Peoria Plague is possibly the oldest surviving zombie audio-drama.

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The Peoria Plague


  • nailsin

    Has anybody ever done a similar take(ie War Of The Worlds style zombie audio drama) like this recently?

  • Megaton

    I don’t know of any others that are War of the Worlds’ish, but if you want more zombie audio dramas, you need to check out We’re Alive. I’ve only listened to season 1 so far, but it’s really good.